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Turnkey timesheet apps let you track employee time. You can sign up online quickly and start tracking time immediately.

TimeWorksExpress is best-in-class when it comes to this new breed of employee timekeeping software.

Let’s define some terms.

What’s a Self-Provisioning Timesheet App?

‘Self-provisioning’ software is another term for ‘turnkey’ software. Self-provisioning is all about speed and convenience. You sign up for the software with a self-service process. The sign up process works like a social media or online bill pay account. It’s as easy as downloading an app.

With the TimeWorksExpress timesheet app, you can start tracking time and creating online timesheets today. And by today, I mean in about five minutes.

To try TimeWorksExpress free for 30 days:

  1. Go to TimeWorksExpress
  2. Create your account—company name, address, number of employees
  3. Check your email for account confirmation
  4. Open TimeWorksExpress
  5. Add employees—name, email, phone number
  6. Start tracking time and making shift schedules
  7. TimeWorksExpress will send email invites to each employee entered
  8. Your team can start clocking in as soon as they get the email invitation

Let’s discuss an important feature of TimeWorksExpress.

What Does Cloud-Hosted or Cloud-Based Mean?

TimeWorksExpress is hosted in the cloud by SwipeClock. Cloud-hosting is also referred to as cloud server hosting, server on-demand hosting, or cluster server hosting.

SwipeClock sells Human Resources software including WorkforceHUB, TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, and ApplicantStack.

The ‘cloud’ is a group of interconnected servers. TimeWorksExpress resides on servers owned and maintained by SwipeClock.

Before cloud computing became available, businesses installed software on their own servers or computers. The software didn’t necessarily connect to the internet. Cloud-hosted software is accessed through the internet.

So why should you use cloud-based software? Let’s look at how cloud computing helps you run your business.

What Are The Benefits of Cloud-Based Software?

When another company hosts your software, they take care of a lot of important things. These include security, data backups, technical support, and software updates.

Access TimeWorksExpress From Any Connected Device

Since TimeWorksExpress timesheet app is cloud-based, you always have access to your timesheets via an internet connection. That means you can use it on a mobile phone, tablet, or work computer.

You Never Have To Install Software Updates

You never need to update TimeWorksExpress. You will always be using the latest version. If you detect a bug in the software, we fix it promptly.

We Keep Your Employee Data Safe

We have stringent security protocols to keep your timesheet data safe. We do regular data backups so you don’t have to worry about that.

TimeWorksExpress Scales Up or Down

Custom employee timesheet software doesn’t grow with your business like TimeWorksExpress. You pay a $15 monthly site fee and $3 per employee. If your workforce is seasonal, you save money in the off months when your staff is small.

TimeWorksExpress Doesn’t Require a Large Upfront Cost

Cloud-hosted TimeWorksExpress doesn’t require an upfront investment like custom timekeeping software. That makes it easy to budget for.

Why Should I Choose TimeWorksExpress For Online Timesheets?

Over 30,000 businesses trust SwipeClock employee time tracking. We are proud of our stellar reputation in the employee timekeeping software market. We have been helping companies track employee time and attendance since 1999.

TimeWorksExpress vs. Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets aren’t designed for online timesheets. They are vulnerable to data entry errors. Spreadsheets are static—they only provide a place to store your information. You have to manipulate the data.

TimeWorksExpress is a powerful application that automates employee timesheets: It also provides employee, owner, and manager self-service. Employees clock in/out with their phone, check their schedule, monitor their PTO balance, and request time off. Managers create schedules, approve time cards and manage time off requests.

  • Creates online timesheets
  • Lets you create and manage work schedules
  • Tracks PTO per your policies
  • Provides realtime employee oversight
  • Automates employee vacation requests and approvals
  • Has notifications and alerts
  • Eliminates work schedule confusion
  • Import timesheet data directly to payroll

Can your spreadsheets do that?

By Liz Strikwerda