Looking for a manufacturing employee timekeeping app?

Today’s post is for small manufacturers whose timekeeping and scheduling methods aren’t doing the job.

Is your time and scheduling system:

  • Prone to errors and confusion?
  • Tedious and time-consuming for managers and employees?
  • Unable to react to scheduling emergencies?

Do your staff members have to go through a supervisor for schedule, time card, and PTO information? Is it a hassle for employees to submit time off and shift change requests?

Manufacturing Employee Timekeeping

What if your manufacturing equipment was this outdated and ineffective? It would cripple your entire operation. You would have repaired or replaced it long ago. Otherwise, it could drive you out of business.

Your employee timekeeping system is crippling labor management. That’s a crisis in itself.

With manual manufacturing employee timekeeping, you are:

  1. Overpaying for labor, which shrinks your margins
  2. Frustrating employees, which increases turnover
  3. At risk of wage and hour compliance violations

TimeWorksExpress For Manufacturing Employee Timekeeping, Scheduling, and PTO

TimeWorksExpress is ideal for manufacturing employee timekeeping. TimeWorksExpress is a turnkey cloud-based employee timesheet app for small manufacturing companies.

TimeWorksExpress is powered by SwipeClock. SwipeClock has been helping manufacturing companies manage their labor since 1999.

  • Access from any connected device
  • Two-minute self-service online signup—start right now!
  • Immediate access for managers and employees
  • Free for the first 30 days
  • Less than $7/per employee per month after the trial
  • Requires no contract, unsubscribe at any time
  • SwipeClock handles software updates and data security

Manufacturing Employee Self-Service

Employees can clock in and out from their phone. They can see their schedule anytime—at work or at home. It’s slick to request time off and check PTO balances in the app. Your workers can stop recording hours on paper time cards. (Or—perhaps more accurately—stop forgetting to record hours on time cards.)

Manufacturing Manager Benefits

Approve time cards and shift changes. Track meals and breaks. Import hours to payroll. See who’s working where and when on your mobile device. Create schedule templates for round-the-clock facilities. Post schedules in advance. Prevent overtime and coverage gaps. Stop using spreadsheets to calculate PTO.

  • Build schedules with drag-and-drop
  • Import online timesheets to payroll
  • Find eligible staff members to cover open shifts
  • Complete mobile access for employees and management
  • Create audit-ready records

When you tame your employee scheduling and timekeeping, you can meet production deadlines. Preserve your reputation with clients and employees. Renew contracts. Retain customers.

Accommodate employee schedule preferences. Prevent manufacturing employee burnout.

Let TimeWorksExpress take over manufacturing employee timesheets and scheduling. Reclaim that time to develop new products, find new customers, train new employees, and market your business.

Prevent Manufacturing Employee Time Theft

Prevent employee time theft. With paper timesheets, manufacturing employees can fudge shift times to pad their paycheck. TimeWorksExpress captures shift times to the minute. Compare time cards to schedules to ensure employee time and attendance.

Contract Manufacturer?

If you are a contract manufacturer, you probably bill employee time to clients. Without accurate, convenient timekeeping, billing takes a lot of guesswork. TimeWorksExpress captures employee time for accurate client billing.

This helps you plan for future projects. Determine exactly when you need to hire another employee. Manage shifts and contracts proactively.

Mobile Manufacturing Employees

Offsite or mobile workers can clock in wherever they are working. Managers can see everyone on the clock. This type of convenience and oversight is impossible with punch-card systems.

Manufacturing FLSA Compliance

The Department of Labor audits small manufacturing companies all the time. They fine employers for minimum wage, overtime, and recordkeeping violations. Automated employee timekeeping is the most important thing you can do to protect your company.

TimeWorksExpress is Affordable for Small Manufacturers

After your free 30-day trial, TimeWorksExpress costs less than $7/employee per month. No inexpensive manufacturing business app delivers the same ROI.

SwipeClock helps small manufacturers manage their labor and maximize their profits. Start your free TimeWorksExpress trial today.

By Liz Strikwerda