Looking for employee engagement ideas?

Check out what these employers are doing.

Employee Engagement Ideas From 6 Great Places to Work

1. Chile’s

The restaurant chain ditched their “no visible tattoos” dress code policy. Plus, the company president does Facebook live videos with employees. They share and discuss both positive and negative company reviews from Glassdoor.

2. Cisco

A staff member suggested giving employees their birthdays off. Cisco leadership agreed and it’s now company policy. They also provide employees with five paid days to do volunteer work.

3. Faction

Faction presents an annual awards night. At the event, they recognize employees and celebrate company successes. Past prizes include an all-expenses-paid vacation and a Rolex watch.

4. Southwest Airlines

Each week, Southwest’s CEO gives a “shout out” to recognize star employees. In addition, Southwest’s magazine highlights a top-performing employee each month. A few years ago, Southwest decided to re-design staff uniforms. Southwest allowed all employees to apply to collaborate on the new uniforms. Those who worked on the design team said it was an “unforgettable experience.”

5. Dreamworks Animation

At company parties and events, employees are invited to share their personal hobbies and interests. Dreamworks employees say they “feel that they are more than just the work they do for the company.”

6. Salesforce

The software company provides 56 hours of paid time to volunteer for causes of their employees’ choosing. Salesforce also established a program called Equality Groups, which are employee-led groups organized around similar interests or backgrounds. A Wellness Reimbursement Program provides workers $100 each month to use any way they want.

Employee Engagement: 3 Key Findings

  1. In 2018, Gallup reported that 34% of U.S. employees are engaged in their work. 16% are “actively disengaged.”
  2. The Gallup survey also determined that 53% of employees are in the middle category: “not engaged.” They are somewhat content at their workplace but not invested in their company’s mission.
  3. Organizations that are the best in engaging their employees achieve earnings-per-share growth that is more than four times that of their competitors. (Gallup)

Ask Your Employees

The best employee engagement ideas come from your own employees. You can elicit ideas by conducting “stay” interviews (as opposed to “exit” interviews). This is best done by someone in Human Resources. You want your staff to be candid about their relationships with their manager and team members.

10 questions to ask employees during a “stay” interview:

  1. Did onboarding set you up for success?
  2. How could we improve onboarding?
  3. Do you have enough training to succeed?
  4. Do you use your health benefits? If not, why?
  5. Do you understand how to access HR and payroll information?
  6. Does your manager recognize your contributions?
  7. Do you know what career paths are available?
  8. Do you understand how your work contributes to the company’s overall success?
  9. Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
  10. How can we improve?

Construction-equipment maker Caterpillar’s increased employee engagement resulted in $8.8 million annual savings from decreased attrition, absenteeism and overtime in a European plant, and a $2 million increase in profit plus a 34 percent increase in highly satisfied customers in a start-up plant. (SHRM)

An HRMS Can Help

You can manage employee engagement programs with a Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

  • Employee surveys
  • Stay interviews
  • Recognition wall
  • Anonymous suggestion box
  • Wellness programs
  • Perks and prizes
  • Announcements and events

An HRMS provides no-hassle, convenient employee self-service HR. Self-service HR not only increases engagement. It changes the very nature of how your employees interact with your company. Ideally, you should have self-service HR plus meaningful benefits and perks that reflect your company’s and employees’ values.

By Liz Strikwerda