Looking for proven apps and tools for small business?

Let’s tap the wisdom of the Reddit business community.

What are the apps and tools that YOU use in your small business?

Here are solutions to real-life business needs not mentioned on software review sites.

Do you purchase business supplies on Amazon?

camelcamelcamel can track millions of Amazon prices and let you know when a price drops. If you buy the same supplies on Amazon every month you can save time and money.

How can I separate calls from two different businesses?

With Dialpad, I pay $20 a month for two lines one for my side business and one for my main business as a cell phone so customers don’t have my personal line. Makes it easy to completely shut down for the day without the customers calling you at 9:00 p.m. with the flick of a toggle switch in the app.

Need to link Outlook to Android?

Akruto links Outlook contacts and calendar events with Android calendar and contacts apps

Need easy-to-use project and information management?

I use Trello both for to do lists and general information we all need access to all the time—like when staff members are not available.

Do you want to save time with online forms?

Streak for CRM and waiver management. Zapier for automation. If you’re on Gmail, and use any sort of online forms, both are excellent. When I found Zapier last year it saved us 20 hours a week.

Do you lose track of voicemails?

Phone: FreePBX – self hosted on a Raspberry Pi type device (SBC). Love it because I can forward voicemail recordings to my email, since I’m always on the go. Plus the IVR that gives clients key options, based on the nature of their call

Want a free alternative to QuickBooks for receipt and expense tracking?

Many Redditors recommend Wave Accounting.

The invoicing system works great and helps me stay on top of getting money from clients. I’ve been using the payroll system as well, it helps me a lot with calculating all the employee / employer taxes as well as direct depositing money. (Source)

How can I improve mobile sales efficiency?

Google Maps/Google My Maps: Plan your potential client canvasing geographically to make the most use of your face-to-face sales campaigns.

How do I automate IT support?

Hesk is a simple open source way to track customer tickets, projects, and requests.

Need to create cool infographics for your website?

Try Visme, Canva, or Venngage. Create basic infographics with templates.

Looking for time and attendance software to sync with a biometric time clock?

TimeWorksPlus supports a wide range of standard hardware clocks. Options include clocks with PIN-based identification, magnetic and RFID readers with proximity cards and FOBs. All data collection devices can be used in conjunction with TimeWorksPlus services for reporting, time card management, and PTO accruals and payroll integration. (Source)

TimeWorksPlus and TimeWorksExpress are employee timekeeping solutions from SwipeClock. Small business owners on a budget can use TimeWorksExpress for only $3/employee per month + $15 site fee.

TimeWorksExpress also lets you create employee schedules and manage PTO from your cell phone.

By Liz Strikwerda